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PY Promoter - Preparation of electrocompetent cells

  • Today we prepared electrocompetent cells of the conjugative strain following

Protocol 4.

Fabi and Léo

Testing the new device

  • After we confirmed the construction of our device we start planning our characterization tests to prove that our device really works. To fulfill this aim, our new device was transformed in E. coli C43 strain, an overexpression strain in which the T7 promoter can be induced by IPTG. We transformed cells with our device, BBa_K284022, and with the BBa_K112806(without promoter).

  • A transformed colony was incubated in LB medium with ampicillin at 37ºC overnight. The culture was diluted in new LB medium with ampicillin to an OD=0,2 and incubated at 37ºC until reach an OD=0,8. At this point, the cells were induced with IPTG 1 mM and incubated again for 4 hours. After the end of the induction period the cells were plated in LB agar with ampicillin in order to confirm the diminished cellular growth. To have a definitive confirmation, we also performed SDS-PAGE to notice the protein overexpression. The results are shown in ColiGuard results.

Luige, Ane and Marcos


New Strategy: pGEM

  • We sent 4 biobricks to iGEM today: pJEN1, pDLD, Lysozyme, and the devices Adh1+YFP and Adh1+Lysozyme. =)

Yeast experiments

  • We transformed the YEP+Adh1-lysozyme ligation reaction in competent E. coli and plated in LB+Amp media. Hope to have colonies later!

  • We did miniprep of YEP+Adh1-YFP and the following devices: b) pJEN1+YFP, c) pJEN1+Lys, d) pDLD+YFP, e) pDLD+Lys.

  • We did the pre inoculun to prepare competet yeast tomorrow.

Raíssa and Taís