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This is the iteration plan for the Inception iteration(s). See the UPEDU artifact description for information on what this is and what it contains (including a template).


These are the major milestone objectives for the inception phase:

  • DONE Brainstorming, culminating in three concrete proposals.
  • TODO Project Plan (sections Project Overview, Project Organization and Management Process)
  • DONE Risk List, initial risk assessment
  • TODO Iteration Plan, should be finished for Elaboration 1.
  • DONE Glossary, some important terms defined.
  • DONE Project Repository (mainly our Wiki), should be set up.
  • TODO More?


Note that we're opting to do this for the entire phase instead of each iteration as in UPEDU as this seems more natural (our needs change little over the course of one phase). --Jaspervdg 11:01, 23 June 2009 (UTC)
[Resources needed for the phase — material, human, financial, and so on.]

Inception 1

At this point in time we were in such an early stage that we have no structured planning for this iteration.

Inception 2

This is the iteration plan for the second Inception iteration, see the general Inception page for milestones.</noinclude>


End date: 2009-05-18

Overall objective: Choose idea we're going to work on. The most important requirements should be identified.

Tasks per role:

Use Cases

[List the use cases and scenarios that are being developed for this iteration.]

Evaluation Criteria

[Functionality, performance, capacity, quality measures, quality goals, and so forth.]

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