Team:Paris/Ethics introduction


Real time ethical reflexion of the team

Our process

As others IGEM 09 teams, we plan to join the « message in a bubble » project with an ethical reflexion about it in particular and synthetic biology in general.

An anthropological study of the Paris team is running in parallel with the IGEM 09 competition, we decide to join this move to that ethical reflexion, and it lead us to perform it in a special way. We've decide to have an everyday thematic one hour talk about ethic and social practices in science and biology. We decide to make that talks observable for everyone, even if something more constructed will be, at least, produce. You'll find on that wiki page the everyday report of the talk, with the questions asked to the team and the main argument of the discussions. It should also be considered among an exercice and a report of experimental and anthropological thought.

This should be regarded as an ethical and anthropological « lab book », as an everyday, real time look on the reflexion of the Paris' team about that kind of questions.

Enjoy our daily mileage in ethic, life science and synthetic biology !