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Hello !

This part is reserve for the navigation understanding. We'll show you how we think our Wiki this year. First of, we wanna thanks all the previous team to made such great Wiki and help us to create our.

We didn't manage to eradicate all of the Internet Explorer bugs, and even on some Safari 3 we noticed some bugs to. So if you use Internet Explorer 6 or 7 or even 8 (and Safari 3 or below) and you notice some bugs, we advice you to use Modzilla Firefox (is free and very useful ;) ).

We started the idea that we may have several types of Wiki-readers. those who are looking for specific things, those who don't know what to look, and those who are willing to know what did we do as fast as possible. We wanted to make a Wiki which need only few clics to found what we are looking for, and which allows us know where we are anytime (that's why we gave up the idea of scrolling menus which disappear when we go to another page).

Help menu1.png

We decided to make several types of menus specific to readers. The Thematic Menu regroup all the work by type, if anyone want to know everything about DryLab just go for it :) The Info Menu it's job is well known and don't have to discuss much about it.

The Breadcrumbs is useful to understand the architecture of the Wiki, and helps to know where we are.

At this point, we started to think about a menu which can stay open to the specific part for keeping the reader aware of his progression. The Main Menu is composed of 6 different menus and allows this particularity. At this time, we also decided to put a Sub Menu navigation for some parts, because we didn't want to have long pages which can loose someone in his/her reading.

Help menu2.png

Some buttons like Paris Back.png for Go back reading or Paris Up.png for Up to menu have also been used.

Finally we used a navigation tool for those who want to read all the essential like a book. We call it the Guided Visit and you can see if with this little book in the bottom of some pages. And you can start here if you want.

Open book.gif

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