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Human Practices


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Sensationalism can do severe damage to any emerging scientific field. Synthetic biology has yet to hit the headlines in a big way but it is becoming increasingly likely. One of the best ways to combat this is through education. The outreach event was designed to educate school pupils about synthetic biology as well as other elements that support their curriculum. As well as introducing the pupils to an exciting area of modern science, it will also help to educate them in a way that means that they can weigh the pros and cons when a concern is raised in the media.


The event was based around a heavily interactive presentation and also included an opportunity for the pupils to observe modified bacteria as well as other learning points that enable their curriculum.






















Presentation - Copyright Notices and References


In addition to the lab and presentation experiences, the pupils filled out a short worksheet asking questions about relevant material to help guage their knowledge about synthetic biology.


Click to view the example worksheet.



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