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Team Southampton:






Team Southampton would like to thank and recognise the following people at the University of Southampton, for their roles in the iGEM2009 Southampton project:



Prof. George Attard for arranging and coordinating the iGEM Southampton project, and for directing the team in their hour(s) of need (whilst always remaining cool, calm and collected) – maybe this has some correlation to his mysterious absence at the iGEM jamboree?



Drs Ali Tavassoli, Eugen Stulz and Klaus-Peter Zauner for supporting the iGEM project, practically and computationally, and for unwittingly getting tied into accompanying 8 undergraduate and 2 new postgraduate students to the iGEM jamboree…


Postgraduate Students

Rich and Steph for spending the first couple of months of their postgraduate degrees supervising 6 undergraduate chemists and 2 undergraduate electronics and computer scientists… organising endless meetings, sorting piles of paperwork, finding team flights and transport, and spending long days and nights in the lab… whilst maintaining enough time to still check facebook!



All the iGEM team for participating in wetlab work, no matter how small. However, special thanks goes to the dedicated wetlab team consisting of Rich, Steph, Danie, Jon, Tom and Claire.


Karin Nordgren, from the Tavassoli research group, School of Chemistry, for demonstrating some of the synthetic biology methods used.



Paul and Karolina for tirelessly working on simulations, much to the bewilderment of the chemists…

Dr Klaus-Peter Zauner, from the School of Electronics and Computer Science, for offering dedicated support to Paul and Karolina during the development of the team models. 



Charles and Jo for coordinating the outreach elements of our project including directing and producing our iGEM experience video; special thanks to Charles for the schools and politicians outreach and to Jo for overseeing and directing the team presentation, poster, and wiki scientific content.


Dr David Read, from the School of Chemistry, for assistance and guidance with the schools element of our outreach.


Lee Mulholland, from the School of Chemistry, for audio provision in the Team Southampton iGEM experience video.



Jon for design, implementation and management of the Team Southampton iGEM wiki (and for persevering with the masses of emails received suggesting changes and additions)!


Claire for the lighthearted notebook and advisor profiles, bringing a smile to the iGEM office at the end of each week!


Jo, Jon, Rich and Steph for the freely-available protocol downloads.


Professor George Attard for the advisor blog (which was kept under wraps until the wiki submission deadline…)


The rest of the iGEM team for additional wiki content creation and supply.


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