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Advisor Profiles




Prof. George Attard

George came to Southampton as a SERC Advanced Fellow before records began. He was appointed as Professor in 2001 but nobody bothered to tell him what in. Since then he’s been trying to find out what he’s supposed to be world-class in. Apparently, George is our project supervisor. However, he prefers to spend his time on ‘family holidays’, and deciding on wearing the best combination of three different suits at the same time.



Dr. Ali Tavassoli

Ali was appointed as a lecturer in Chemical Biology in 2006 hot from the Benkovic intellectual hot house. Since then he has won many hot awards, including a Career Establishment Award from Cancer Research UK, arousing his colleagues’ envy. Every day without fail, Ali likes to don his favourite silk shorts and go running around the labs, returning to his office looking hot. In his spare time he *is* Adam Sandler.



Dr. Eugen Stulz

Eugen Stulz is the groups’ ice man. He is believed to have lain deeply frozen in ice high up the Ötzal Alps for more than 5000 years, but was thawed as a result of global warming and migrated to Southampton, where he was recognised to be in fact a wild pokémon. There he has been perfecting his annoying special ability of attaching porphyrins to anything he touches. He is banned from obtaining, handling or consuming any of the iGEM students’ DNA until the Jamboree.  



Dr. Klaus-Peter Zauner

Klaus-Peter Zauner can sometimes be found in the School of Electronics & Computer Science. It has been reported that he created a six-legged robot controlled by the photophobic Physarum polycephalum. What has not been reported is that he too is under Physarum control, a trait he shares with other microsoft-branded objects. Travelling to exotic places wearing nothing but a very large SLR can sometimes restore his pre-microsoft settings.



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