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Project Achievements




  • A new biobrick part of our own construction, Ptac, has been sequenced, submitted and documented on the registry.


  • The safety considerations of our project were thoroughly investigated with the completion of two GMO (genetically modified organism) forms and accompanying risk assessments.


  • We have participated in an ethics questionnaire for the Valencia team and have received a Valencia gold medal for 100% team participation.



  • Modelling of our cell networks for both the Game of Life and Rock Paper Scissors subprojects.

  • A simulation program has been produced that can be used to model any bacterial diffusion system and this has been made accessible to anyone.


  • We have left an outreach legacy, which has become integrated into the School of Chemistry outreach programme at the University of Southampton.


  • A video, showing our iGEM2009 experience, has been produced and is freely available online for all to view.










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