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University of Southampton – The University of Southampton website. – Website of the School of Chemistry, University of Southampton, within which the iGEM2009 Southampton team was based. – Website of the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, from which iGEM2009 Team Southampton’s computational members belong to.



Conway’s Game of Life's_Game_of_Life – An interesting introduction into Conway’s Game of Life, detailing the game, it’s history, rules, and some example outcomes. – The wiki for Conway’s Game of Life, covering news, facts, articles, and 652 of the Life’s patterns (as at October 2009)! – A useful website detailing the basics of the game, with a downloadable java applet of the game, allowing you to vary it’s basic parameters.


Rock-paper-scissors – An introduction to the game Rock-paper-scissors, explaining the rules, it’s origins, and some information about rock-paper-scissors tournaments!


Kerr, B.; Riley, M. A.; Feldman, M. W.; Bohannan, B. J. M. Local dispersal promotes biodiversity in a real-life game of rock-paper scissors Nature 2002, 418, 171-174

Article reporting the development of a community of competing species, comparable to a real-life game of rock-paper scissors.


BioBrick Assembly – BioBrick wiki page, introducing BioBricks and the concept behind them. – The BioBricks Foundation website: an introduction to BioBricks and The BioBricks Foundation.


Shetty, R. P.; Endy, D.; Knight Jr., T. F. Engineering BioBrick vectors from BioBrick parts. J. Biol. Eng. 2008, 2, 5

Article detailing the recent achievements using BioBrick parts to engineer BioBrick vectors, including an introduction to BioBrick construction.



Gene Networks

Stricker, J.;Cooksen, S.; Bennett, M.R.; Mather,W. M.; Tsimring,L.S.; Hesty, J. A fast, robust and tunable synthetic gene oscillator Nature 2008 456 516-519

          Article describing the application of oscillating cell systems in synthetic gene networks. 


Friedland, A.E.; Lu, K.T.; Wang, X.; Shi. D.; Synthetic Gene networks that count Science 2009 324 1199-1202
          This article details the signaling networks and the behaviour of fluorescence in gene networks.



PTAC Promoter

de Boer, H. A.; Comstock, L. J.; Vasser, M. The tac promoter: A functional hybrid derived from the trp and lac promoters Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci USA 1983, 80, 21-25

                   Article reporting the successful construction of two functional hybrid promoters (PTACI and PTACII).


Quorum Sensing

Camilli, A.; Bassler, B.L.; Bacterial small-molecule signaling pathways Science 2006 311,1113-1116

          Paper detailing the molecules involved in Quorum sensing


Waters, C.M; Bassler, B.L; Quorum sensing: Cell to cell communication in Bacteria, Annu. Rev. Cell. Dev. Biol. 2005 21 319-346

            Paper providing an overview of Quorum sensing interactions between bacteria


Miller, M.B.; Bassler, B.L.; Quorum sensing in becteria  Annu. Rev. Micro. 2001 55 165-199

          This paper provides another useful overview of Quorum sensing


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