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Human Practices

Our Legacy



We don’t want our project to just end with the Jamboree; our hope is that the project can be extended beyond what we have already achieved this summer for the enjoyment of future generations. We feel that the public awareness and understanding is vital for the continuation of synthetic biology research.


In order for this to happen the following must be achieved:

  • We have created a video, which will educate future teams of ‘iGEMers’ on what the experience entails.

  • The education of MPs is also important, as they are involved in the legislation of synthetic biology. An evening has been planned with the aim of answering any queries and giving them the chance to speak to scientists working at the forefront of synthetic biology research.

  • The outreach event that was run in September was so successful that the materials will be used to run more throughout the year so that the education of people at a young age can continue.

  • A simulation programme has been created, which can be accessed by anyone and adapted to model diffusion within bacterial systems.


Click on the link below to follow our progress as this work continues:





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